Protecting Cyber Space

With expertises ranging from web app penetration to backend development we have the skills to keep your company safe.

Cloud Migration

Migrating physical infrastructure to the cloud can be a difficult process but Nebula Cyber has worked with a multitude of cloud infrastructure challenges and can ensure your transition occurs as smooth as possible. Our team has worked on a variety of infrastructures including AWS, Linode, and Digital Ocean. Our skills in security are uniquely focused so we can move your physical computer systems into less expensive more reliable cloud systems without increasing your security risks. Nebula Cyber can quickly get access to your physical systems to insure a seamless and safe transition for your business. Contact us today.

Security Auditing

Nebula Cyber provides on the ground testing for computer systems of all types. Whether you are looking for a network audit or an in-depth security review Nebula Cyber has the people for your job. With skilled professionals in Windows and Linux share management, network security and infrastructure, and cloud security implementation and review, we can provide target and large scope security reviews of your computer systems.

Secure Website Implementation

Whether you are looking to boost the security of your current website or create an entirely new one, Nebula Cyber can give you the advantage you need to stay twenty steps ahead of the hackers. With specialists in cloud hosting, web security, and website design, Nebula Cyber is excellently situated to deliver you the very best in secure web design and implantation. Our Bellingham centered team is ready to work with you in person to help ensure your vision is implemented securely. Contact us for a competitive quote.